Monday, July 27, 2015

Rolling our way Back to School

This year is going to be more of a challenge than ever! If it wasn't a fete juggling 4 kids in 4 different schools now we added a broken femur into the mix and under strict doctors orders of no crutches, so he can only use a wheel chair to keep the pressure off his leg, it's one heavy cast! 

Now that was tough, we spent the better of 20 minutes just to get him in the minivan and another 10 minutes to get into the store! But the fun a school supply shopping was distraction enough from his perdicament , at least for an hour.

We ended up at Walmart in hopes of finding everything for our Back to School needs. There's no going from store to store like in previous years, he's gets exhausted easily, so we've taken on the challenge and are going Back to School Like A Boss....Walmart look out, here we come!

After making it safely to our point of destination the girls had a great time maneuvering the wheel chair through the store and I don't think he mind a bit being chauffeured around. Pens, pencils, markers, folders, Viva paper towels and Kleenex tissues topped our list. 

The bigger challenge will of course be once school starts and getting to and from classes, being the new kid means he won't have any "old friends" to help out the first couple days, but I'm sure he will make some new ones pretty quick here in Alabama. Plus he's looking forward to filling up his cast with signatures from all his classmates and teachers

. Better pick up some Kleenex, there's bound to be a few tears while he makes the big adjustment and the kids love collecting and bringing in the Box Tops.

 Today’s post is sponsored by Kimberly Clark, but my love for their BTS option is all my own!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still hanging in here!

Heading into week 4 without of belongings, I knew moving long distance was rough, we did it once before.
 I really had hoped using a moving company would make it easier.
 But instead it's been almost a month and our stuff has yet to arrive. That's 5 1/2 weeks or life has been in boxes.

On the flip side I've had plenty of time to work on the house, especially since we bought a fixer upper. Feels a bit like camping but with air conditioning and bathrooms.

Definitely a chance for us to figure out what things we really need in life. 

Our top must haves are:
Washing machine (clean clothes, please)
Pokemon cards (that's if you're a 10 year old boy)
Beds (across the board, we all miss them!)
and the refrigerator 
(though the kids are enjoy not having a freezer, just means we have to eat all the ice cream at once)

....10 more days to go!!! (I hope)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Let Yourself Be Free

We are so excited for the end of school and summer to be finally getting here!
 This spring has had many summer like days and after the winter this weather is simply delightful and a great motivation to get us outside and have fun!

The kiddos have managed to play in the sprinkler everyday this week, it has to be our favorite backyard activity followed by lunch
 on the lawn and roasting marshmallow. Oh...and eating ice cream!

But keeping the swim suits clean and lasting through the season is always a challenge. So we switch over to all free clear, they have a full range of free clear products makes everything simple. They're free from the irritants and allergens that get in the way of living life without sacrificing a deep clean. What a relief it is to have all free clear for our sensitive skin.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Feta Stuffed Crescent Rolls Recipe

This recipe is the kind you can’t help but salivate over!

We decided to give feta cheese a makeover with a recipe that is more than just simply crumbling cheese over a salad. 
A recipe that you want to pin and then hurry home to make and we did just that! It's quick and easy, perfect for an appetizer or snack, add a side dish and it's a meal!

Feta Stuffed Crescent Rolls

one package refrigerated crescent rolls

one 8oz package of Nikos Traditional Feta  crumbles

steamed broccoli florets (optional)

Start out by rolling out your crescent rolls onto a butter baking pan, top with Nikos Feta crumbles and steamed broccoli florets.
Then just simply roll up the crescent dough around the cheese and broccoli.

Bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees 

This is now my kids favorite go to summer snacks and definitely a favorite of mine too!

Feta cheese gets used on salads. A lot. But did you know that you can also use it to make an extra zesty hummus? Or that it makes a delightfully unique mac and cheese? Got a favorite feta recipe? Share in my comments, I'd love to try it! 

Nikos® has a full line of Mediterranean-style feta cheeses are certified Halal and made with rBGH-free milk. Keep your dining options fresh and healthy with Nikos® feta! 

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Trip package includes:
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ii. Standard hotel accommodations for 6 nights/7 days (double room occupancy)
iii. $500 USD in spending money for the Grand Prize Winner (the “Trip Package”).

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Check out other Nikos Feta Recipes here!

Today’s post is sponsored by Nikos® Feta cheeses, but my love for full-flavored feta is all my own!"

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bravo's new comedy Odd Mom Out

  Have you ever been the odd mom out? 

Bravo is thrilled to announce our first ever scripted comedy, airing June 8th. Odd Mom Out is perfection! Jill has an interesting perspective into the crazy world of the Upper East Side—where money is no object to her peers and normal every day issues consist of how to get your child into the best private school, which elite cycling class you should attend, or when to add a “Von” to your name to move up a class. Jill hilariously navigates the social scene; to some she may seem odd but for the rest of us, it's like watching ourselves and scenes from our life being played back one awkward moment at a time.

Watch the Odd Mom Out Trailer here

and why not try out a MOM-osa recipe while you watch:

I don't spend much time at all watching TV or going to movies so a show has to be pretty funny to keep me interested. I was more than pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed the first episode of Odd Mom Out as much as I did. The kiddos could here us laughing from their rooms and what better to pair up a good comedy than with a refreshing Mom-osa and friends!

Be sure to try out this Mom-ito recipe too!

V.I.M.s Perks Program:

Download Bravo’s mobile app – The Daily Dish and you will be an official  V.I.M. (Very Important Moms) Perks member, with the Daily Dish app, not only can you catch up on your fave Bravo-lebs, but you’ll also be eligible for exclusive VIM (Very Important Moms) discounts from partners.

For more info. check out the V.I.M. Perks Page 

Tune-In to Win Sweepstakes:

Viewers have an opportunity to win $20,000 in each of the first 4 weeks of premiere episodes (starting 6/8 – 6/29) through the Tune-In to Win Sweepstakes.

 Tune in live at 10/9c on Mondays (6/8-6/29) for the secret hashtag and tweet it out to @BravoTV each week for your chance to win!
 Fans who engage early on will be able to take advantage of all of the VIM Perks Program discounts (starting 5/11) and will be entered into the Ultimate VIM Sweeps by sharing the sweeps with their friends using #OddMomOutSweeps and tagging @BravoTV
Head over and like Bravo’s Odd Mom Out Facebook page so you see the live updates.  Also you can catch even more funny video clips on the Odd Mom Out website.  There are several clips beyond the trailer.  
My favorite is the scene has to be from the spin class, go unicorn!

Many thanks to Bravo TV for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to be an “Odd Mom Out”!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Down by the Bay

Life's been a bit crazy for the last couple months,  but finally a moment or serenity. We've traded in our green grass for sand and sunshine.
Sorry but my four little southern snowman had enough of the snow to last a lifetime.

Our first official walk to the bay to enjoy the sunset!

Stream managed to carry an eleven foot stick home from the beach, lucky for her our new place has really high ceilings.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Petal Perfect

 Spring has arrived! The flowers are in full bloom, the bees are hard at work, and pollen is on everything.
 I just love the beauty of it all but not the sneezing.

Speaking of, have you seen the latest Kleenex Perfect Fit designs? 
I almost walked past them, so much better that my grandma's Kleenex box and they are quite literally a perfect fit for my decor!

Our cherry tree, apple tree and the ornamental out front are so lovely with their delicate white and pink flowers,
 I had to bring some of inside. Nothing cheers up a room more than flowers!
 But with four kids at the peak of allergy season we'll probably be going back for more tissues.

So I made sure to put the Kleenex Perfect Fit close by, on the living room mantel,
 in the piano room and next to my adorable bunny cookie jar I got from sweet Luna for Mother's Day! 
They fit perfectly in small spaces and even the better in our car cup holder.

 We all need Kleenex every once in a while so I prefer to keep a box out all year round and I'm so glad they decided 
to put some current style into it the packaging so I don't have to look at my Granny's Kleenex box.

Make sure to grab the limited packs of Kleenex Perfect Fit at your local Sam’s Club before my next birthday, May 31st, 2015!

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