Thursday, May 21, 2015

Down by the Bay

Life's been a bit crazy for the last couple months,  but finally a moment or serenity. We've traded in our green grass for sand and sunshine.
Sorry but my four little southern snowman had enough of the snow to last a lifetime.

Our first official walk to the bay to enjoy the sunset!

Stream managed to carry an eleven foot stick home from the beach, lucky for her our new place has really high ceilings.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Petal Perfect

 Spring has arrived! The flowers are in full bloom, the bees are hard at work, and pollen is on everything.
 I just love the beauty of it all but not the sneezing.

Speaking of, have you seen the latest Kleenex Perfect Fit designs? 
I almost walked past them, so much better that my grandma's Kleenex box and they are quite literally a perfect fit for my decor!

Our cherry tree, apple tree and the ornamental out front are so lovely with their delicate white and pink flowers,
 I had to bring some of inside. Nothing cheers up a room more than flowers!
 But with four kids at the peak of allergy season we'll probably be going back for more tissues.

So I made sure to put the Kleenex Perfect Fit close by, on the living room mantel,
 in the piano room and next to my adorable bunny cookie jar I got from sweet Luna for Mother's Day! 
They fit perfectly in small spaces and even the better in our car cup holder.

 We all need Kleenex every once in a while so I prefer to keep a box out all year round and I'm so glad they decided 
to put some current style into it the packaging so I don't have to look at my Granny's Kleenex box.

Make sure to grab the limited packs of Kleenex Perfect Fit at your local Sam’s Club before my next birthday, May 31st, 2015!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's all Sunshine, Flowers and Adventures

Everything's coming up roses...and around here dandelions!

Spring time is when we get outdoors and go on adventures, they can be messy, dirty, muddy and wet, but that’s ok thanks to all free clear! Whether it's rolling in a field of flowers or  jumping in a puddle, life is worth the pile of laundry waiting for me at the end of the day.

Nothing like playing in the flowers and being covered in yellow pollen from head to toe, like a couple of giant bees.

The dandelions popped like popcorn all over our front yard. When you live organic that's what happens. The kids love to pick the pretty yellow flowers and give them as treats to our furry family, Sherlock the guinea pig would have been really happy with this year bounty. 

Make a wish....

How about a quick and easier way to do the laundry that's 100% hypoallergenic!

 All free clear might pacs are great. Not only are they 100% free of dyes and perfumes, they are gentle on skin and safe for all washing machines. 
Finally there's no more measuring!! Not that I'm accident prone to spills (wink).

Other detergents don’t measure up to all free clear, it has only 9 ingredients and that’s less than half the ingredients of Tide Free & Gentle.

 Today’s post is sponsored by all free clear, but my love for the brand is all my own!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Memories in hand with Lyve app

18 years ago I chose to be a professional photographer, so it's easy to say that over the years I have taken a few hundred thousands photos, where are they all is a good question! Even my kids can manage to take a hundred in a day and organizing photos is not my Achilles heal. Our generation is defined by digital media and instead of printing them out, they exist in digital files that are spread throughout our tech gadgets and devices. We're lucky to have come across  the Lyve app, not only can we look through thousands of photos at a swipe, we can easily share them with friends and family as well. 

We have ended up with hundreds of photos scattered over 5 devices in our house and being a photographer I have a pet peeve for disorganized photos, with Lyve we were able to download the free service on all our tablets and phones. So what if there's 150,000+ photos floating around, now we can take them all with on our phone and the entire photo collection is protected with our Lyve smart storage solutions, photos and videos are backed-up automatically to a local storage drive, so if they get deleted or the device gets lost, any photos and videos are safe!!

The Lyve App: Free and can be installed on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kindle. The app consolidates all your photos and videos scattered across multiple devices into a single app for viewing across all those devices it organizes by date in a simple timeline and it continuously imports photos and videos from Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iPhoto and selected desktop photos making it super easy to share photos and videos on FB and Twitter as well as message or email. 

You do not need to have a LyveHome device in order to use the Lyve app so my kids are enjoying sharing their photos and having fun with photography.

The Lyve app Moments Past function is awesome, it highlights your photos from years ago and reminds you of what you were doing on that day last year! I still can't believe it's been almost a year since we ran in the marathon relay and watch little E's in her first ballet recital.

Recently two of our beloved pets passed away, both unexpectedly within 2 weeks or each other. We really enjoy seeing their sweet faces scrolling by on the Lyve Home, the app includes a feature called “Moments Past” which displays front and center on the main screen all the photos or videos from a specific day, week or month. The days are long but the years are short, sometimes we need to be reminded of our wonderful life events. Sometimes we just sit together and watch the photos flip through, it's way better than a movie. It's our life!

The Lyve Home is a 2 Terabyte smart storage drive securely and safely backs up all your photos and videos on an always connected drive that automatically syncs all new photos taken with your phone, tablet, etc. With the Lyve Home storing the original files securely, you can delete originals from your phone, freeing up valuable space on your phone while having access to the full resolution photos at any time on any device.

Giveaway Instructions: For the giveaway, download and try the Lyve app  
To qualify to win, they must do the following:
1. Download the Lyve app for your phone or tablet (iOS or Android)
2. Find a picture that evokes an emotional memory of friends/family
3. Share their feelings around the photo/app in the comments of this blog story!

Good luck and happy snapping!

 Thank you to [Lyve] for sponsoring today’s post!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jumping over Hurdles

This is the same track I ran on over 20 years ago, but I started to sounded Wilma Flintstone as I began to tell her stories
 of how the track was made out of gravel and not the new high tech shock absorption material it's covered in now. 

The wind was howling and the temperature dropped to below freezing, the athletes huddled together trying to stay warm. 
Lucky for us Stream's two events are first and we headed home before the freezing rain and snow started. The calendar says 
April but the weather here has been pretty crazy, 60mph winds, snow, hail and a few nice days thrown in-between the muck.

I almost forgot to mention she competed despite the weather, having her wonderful pet guinea pig Sherlock unexpectedly die 
and recovering from having the norovirus, which has to be one of the worst viruses ever! She's one tough cookie for sure!

I glad my fear of hurdles is not hereditary and despite life's own hurdles she had to deal with this week Stream did awesome 
at her first track meet and didn't knock over a single one! She has always been and still is my little frog!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Living free and clear with sensitive skin

Spring has arrived with a splash!!!

In our house we stay away from artificial dyes, perfumes and harsh chemicals in the kitchen, but when it came to the laundry I found the options were limited until came across all free clear’s full range of free clear products so our family can continue to live free of sensitive-skin issues and a huge bonus, it gets out tough stains. 

This week alone we managed to cover ourselves in mud, chocolate ice cream, homemade spaghetti sauce, ketchup, barbecue sauce and the most dreaded stain yellow mustard! My desperation seemed to set in as quickly as the stains.

If you have family members with sensitive skin, you already know how important it is to use detergent that is gentle but still gets out those tough stains, all free clear is the #1 recommended detergent brand by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for sensitive skin. It's tough on stains yet gentle enough for the whole family. Plus, it's safe for use in standard and HE machines. It rinses clean and has a gentle, hypoallergenic formula. Powerful Clean. Gentle on Skin.

all free clear is also 100% hypoallergenic. 

Yep, that's yellow mustard on MY FAVORITE white shirt, guess you're never to old to make a mess! 

Add in April showers and 10 feet of melted snow, there can be only one word to describe our backyard....MUDPIT 

I'm going to be using a lot of all free clear with oxi with four kids.

When it rains it pours hours and hours of fun!!! 

 Today’s post is sponsored by all free clear, but my love for the brand is all my own!

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