Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We've joined the Circus... so let's party!

Yes, putting together a mini Circus in our backyard was an insanely incredible feat for one!
 But so worth it, though sometimes I wonder if Pinterest is going to be the death of me. 
There are way too many great ideas which have taken my simplest of projects and spun them into hyper overdrive. 
... for example; applying contact paper to the wash tubs sounds easy enough but turned out to be a 8 store mad hunt for a product we all took for granted for decades, now it's almost impossible to find. I almost resorted to peeling it off my grandmothers kitchen shelves. 
Don't get me wrong I love Pinterest, but I was just as happy cutting a watermelon into triangle wedges , than I am spending hours creating a Sharkmelon.

three sisters with staches

So glad we found the Fred's crustache sandwich cutter, it was perfect for making mustache chocolate chip cookies.

Turns out the balloon pop was a huge hit and had kids lined up all afternoon, only to break away for the occasional snack and cake.

 I completely love that while everyone was singing happy birthday to "you", my birthday girl... I mean birthday unicorn hat girl, was singing happy birthday to "me"!
 and you can totally tell in the photos!

One of the highlights was having our wonder pup jump through a ring of fire! Little E practiced with her all week and to our sheer amazement she really did jump through the hoop on cue.

Clown noses and live goldfish went home in everyones goodie bags, I'm sure the local pet store's running on fish bowls this week.

I'm so obsessed with these Pottery Barn Kids birthday hats! Not only are they absolutely adorable and very well made, they stayed up on everyones head!

Pinterest inspired party pins:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

scouting we will go, a boy's life

It was a big weekend for cub scouts everywhere, continuing on to the next level and for us it was from Bears to Webelos. What do a few dozen scouts do in the woods besides becoming dinner for thousands of mosquitos? They do what boys like to do best; gather wood for the fire, go fishing, show off their pocket knives, run around, EAT and best of all have a great time (on the flip side my girls spent half the day in our minivan hiding from the bugs).

The big moment...his first walk across the bridge!!!

The boys were so proud of all their accomplishments for the year and it was group hug time for welcoming their new cub master. 

The fish weren't biting but learning to hook a worm and cast the line was just as much fun. Then it was time for the cub scouts perform a flag ceremony honoring the American flag by burning an old and tattered one, this one flew over our states capital.

Maybe next year we'll brave it and stay for the overnight camping. I can handle no running water, bugs and croaking bull frogs, but but they totally need to clean the outhouses before then. There's only so much "roughing it" a girl can take. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gourmet Apples New Orleans Style

We couldn't leave the city without sinking our teeth into one of these delicious gourmet apples at Mister Apple!!
New Orleans doesn't disappoint when it comes to great food. So after working up an appetite wondering through the 
aquarium and insectarium we feasted on one of these giant treats. 

OH MY! Does that say cheesecake apple...seriously they're like a meal, the kiddos couldn't even finish one between the 4 of them.

We left a lot of nose prints on they're windows, it was fun to watch them hand dip each apple.

Mister Apple is a must if your in New Orleans, just a few steps away from the aquarium and the riverboats.

Friday, May 2, 2014

A popchips love story

If you been down the chip isle lately you most likely seen the latest snack food trend. 
Popchips are a family of delicious potato, tortilla, and veggie chips popped crispy and full of flavor. 
Not fried or bake these are made by adding a little heat and pressure, and pop! it’s a chip. Cool right!

So glad to see they're making the bags 15% bigger, nobody likes reaching into an empty chip bag.
 Popchips are offering their snackers more to love at the same great price. snack on!

 They're so full flavor it's hard to believe there's half the fat of regular potato chips. Popchips are a perfect match for our favorite homemade dips. 

One you've got to try is our favorite go to ranch dip.
Just mix some plain greek yogurt with a 1-2 tablespoon of ranch seasoning makes for the perfect combo! and dare I say healthy snack.

We love ended up loving popchips so much that we couldn't decide which flavor is our favorite.

Click here and grab the coupon you can try them all too!!!

Enter your popchips love story to win the more to love sweepstakes, which ends on 5/31. 

Hey that's my birthday! and I'm turning 40! 

So everyone who participates will receive a $.55 off coupon and a chance win a date night package ($500 & 3 cases of popchips).

This post is sponsored by popchips but my love of these tasty snacks is all my own. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lions, trolleys and penguins, oh my!

We had a wonderful mid-week vacation trip to New Orleans to visit with friends, do some sightseeing, then stops at the zoo, aquarium and insectarium. 
I hadn't been back to the zoo and aquarium since pre-Katrina, so fast forward 10 years and 2 more kids (wow how time flies!). 
Really glad we arrived late in the evening, the sight of the city at night from the bridge was absolutely breathtaking.

Fenix the penguin was a hoot to watch at the aquarium!

And it would be NOLA without the clang, clang of the trolley cars and the smell of beignets.

Next stop the hand-dipped candy apple shop! Then DC and NYC for another quick adventure before turning 40... and tons of photos to go through!

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